10 and Under Tennis Academy

LEARN and have FUN with this all-year round introduction class for young players to tennis by teaching them the fundamentals of the game in an environment of fun. Utilizing modified courts and equipment tailored to a child's size, the 10 and Under program gives young players the skills that will equip them for a sport that can be played and enjoyed for a lifetime!

North Lake Jr. Tennis Academy

UP YOUR GAME with this all-year round High Performance Training program with a team of passionate and successful coaches. Designed exclusively to maximize your rapid improvement. Addresses all four categories of your game; namely, the technical, the strategic, the mental and the physical. Geared for players who are looking to take their game to the next level!

Adult Tennis Clinics

JOIN US for fun, fast-paced tennis clinics for all ages of adult tennis players. Get a great workout while working on tennis skills and techniques. From intermediate players to advanced players, North Lake Adult Tennis Clinics give players a chance to practice their skills, improve their gameplay and hit with other players, all while getting in a great workout.

Summer Camp

Woodbridge Tennis Academy is heating things up this summer! Come out for an extended training session and learn to put some extra fire into your shots! Summer is the absolute best way to get extra practice so that you meet your goals. Camps run week to week, so make sure to register early to reserve a spot!

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Monday-fRiday 3-4PM


Drop-in:                        $35/day

1 Month Prepay:          $32/day

3 Month Prepay:          $30/day

Monday-sATURDAY 4-6PM


Drop-in:                        $70/day

1 Month Prepay:          $65/day

3 Month Prepay:          $60/day




Drop-in:                        $70/day

1 Month Prepay:          $65/day

3 Month Prepay:          $60/day


10 Eastlake

Irvine, CA, 92614


Tel: (949) 345-0137


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